We are building a new civic network and we want you to join us

Leading Change

Reaching out to a crowd of thousands of listeners; receiving the support of hundreds of residents in your local area; recruiting and mobilizing dozens of activists to promote social goals that affect the day-to-day lives of all of us; producing real change by integrating communal organization with the most advanced tools social networks has to offer.

Leading change is not just another formal training.

The project, initiated by the Israeli Alliance, identifies prominent local leaders working throughout Israel, and provides them with customized practical tools to stimulate and advance social actions, both in the field and online.

If you wish to lead change, submit your application today to join Leading Change, which offers personalized structuring of public action plan and professional facilitation of its execution; specialized training given by leading social activists; strategic and political consultation throughout the campaign; construction and activation of a tailored digital array to support the campaign, that includes professional studio and marketing services, and is based on audience segmentation.


Access to a nationwide network of leaders and activists


Constructing and operating advanced digital tools


Strategic political consultation and support

I Also Want To Lead Change

A New Civic Network

Why are we doing this?

Israeli economy is strong, but inequality is only increasing. Technology is developing rapidly, but with it also environmental crises. Our society was created from a rich tapestry, but public space is becoming less and less tolerant for different opinions and diverse cultures. Rather than uniting Israeli society around common value, politicians reduce and weaken our power of action, and base their strength through methods of divide and conquer.

This reality is not an inevitability. There are thousands of caring citizens around Israel, who witness these destructive processes and wish to chart a different course – but can’t find the ways and means to actually make an influence. It is time to return their faith in their abilities to affect and change, and give them the tools to do so. Cooperation brings back power to citizens, allowing them to break out of political helplessness.

We at the Israeli Alliance believe that Israel can change. We believe that real change in our society will pervade through cooperation between communities and sectors, one that will employ high quality technological and human resources, and form a union of battles in civic covenant. Our goal is not only to prevail in each and every struggle, but to instigate a movement that will affect all levels of our reality, from the communal to the political. We wish to seize the spirit of the social protest that motivated and mobilized so many of us, and harness it to a set of professional tools to bring about real change in all aspects of life.

Our Team

Shay Cohen


One of the founders of Power to Workers, served as First general secretary of the organization. Founder and former Chairman at the Social Economic Academy.
Head of Haifa SPNI at Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, Head of the coalition for public health, and of NGOs dealing with communities and education.
Expert on unionizing workers, community mobilization and leading public battles.

Alon Hutter

Founder and COO

Political activist and producer, worked for political parties such as Meretz and NGOs such as Greenpeace. Production manager at Darkenu organization, and chief producer in V15 campaign.

Ziv Berkovich Fadida

Alumni program coordinator

A social and political activist. Producer of social events and fundraising operations for women’s rights organizations and low-income families. Worked as a coordinator of the southern district region of “Koach LaOvdim” (Power to the Workers). Public speaker in the field of labor organizing and women empowerment in the social and political sphere. A music arranger and instructor of youth singing bands.

Ori Kol

Digital Mobilization

A veteran digital and political producer. Founder of 'Mehazkim' - an online civic movement. Chief editor of Hashkafa News. Social activist. Uncle of 3 nieces.

Aviad Sinai

Head of change leaders in Pardes Hanna-Karkur and Hadera

Lawyer, social and political activist for many years at the Pardes Hanna-Karkur region.
Has rich experience in municipal activity. Served as head of properties in the municipality of Hadera and legal counsel to local authorities and committees. Secretary of the local Labor branch and experienced in promoting a variety of local and national issues.

Yaniv Abadi

Head of change leaders in Rehovot and the Shfela region

Married to Adi and father of three, resides at Rehovot and invests his time in shaping a better future for his children. Holds an MBA, former employ at the Ministry of Finance, business consultant and head of financial projects in leading commercial organizations.

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